Between The Silences :: In Memory of Julie

by Patricia Cannon (1).jpg

In December

the sky became white

like the sheet

that covered your face

and that pressed

your tired body

into the pause

    …where you remain forever

    thirty-seven and swan-necked and

    swimming in sheets of music…

On that day

the boxes on a calendar

collapsed and tumbled

its black lines

into a wave of music

    …the sound of your fingers

    strumming the strings

    on your guitar...

Many years have passed

and mourning has now

settled and evaporated

like a gentle mist

but the memory

of your laughter persists

    …like a strained note

    between the silences…


Patricia Cannon has been a Registered Nurse for almost twenty years at UCSF Medical Center. She has practiced in cardiac critical care, neuro intensive care and is currently specializing in heme oncology. Her passion is her Faith, photography, and the written word in all its forms. She has published her poetry in various magazines and books.